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A Chance to Help Two Causes! 

DONATEaBAG.org Fundraising Platform is an INSTRUMENT to achieve a groups Fundraising Dreams, while supporting those in need with gourmet frozen "Soup Bags" and other Items that warm the Heart and Soul! 

Who may use this Fundraising Platform: Anyone who has a Fundraising Need: School, Group, Youth Group, Ministry School, Organization, dance studio, sports team, Music Programs, etc. 

Our Donate a Bag Platform gives you the opportunity to Give TWICE: 

  1. Your Purchase of our 4lb DONATEaBAG Enables your Cause to Raise the Dollars Needed!
  2. You Gift a 4lb Bag of Soup to a Regional Soup Kitchen or Food Pantry
  3. Soul Warming Provisions Organizes the Delivery and the group receives their Fundraising Dollars!

Contact us to setup a DONATEaBAG fundraiser today! 


“Giving That Warms the Heart and Soul!”