Before The Wash DONATEaBAG Soup Fundraiser
Before The Wash DONATEaBAG Soup Fundraiser

Before The Wash DONATEaBAG Soup Fundraiser

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By your generous gift of a 4lb Bag of Gourmet Soup, you are helping Two Groups! 

Before The Wash is owned by two Brothers: Owen Gallagher and Ryan Gallagher. They are both attending Ministry School at JESUS SCHOOL, Orlando and while doing so are a launching a Detailing & Power Washing Company focusing on Auto's and RV's! "Helping bring beauty to people's lives in the details".  However, with any new venture, you need initial funds to get this off the ground!!

By Donating 4lb Bags of Soup, you will be sewing a seed into their new Before The Wash company to buy necessary equipment - such as a water purification pump. hoses,  professional Power Washer, Logo Development, lawn Signs, and Social Media ads. and a new vehicle to handle the New Equipment!

How can you support?

1) Choose to Give  4lb Bags of Gourmet Soup/$22.00 each.  These 4lb Bags are what restaurants use! Each bag provides 6 bowls or 8 cups of gourmet Soup!  We will be donating Chicken Noodle, Broccoli & Cheese, Three Bean Chili and other flavors to provide warm delicious meals this coming Winter Season!

2) BEFORE THE WASH will  earn up to 50% profit on each 4lb bag, to go towards the purchase of this New Equipment and all the necessities to launch a proper business!

3) The soup will be given to two wonderful programs:  The Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, where Before The Wash is presently located!  Second Harvest is supporting many people in need in Florida and many of whom experienced loss through Hurricane Ian.   We will also donate Soup bags to a Rhode Island Ministry called, Loaves and Fishes Rhode Island - which is the boys grandfather's passion.  Loaves and Fishes RI provides hot meals to the homeless and those in challenging circumstances through the volunteer efforts of over 11 RI Churches.

To learn more about Before The Wash, go to Facebook@BeforeTheWash and see some of the newest customers they have helped detail!


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